Beyond the walls

The question brought a laugh from several nearby Ashen. The guide looked at the man sternly before giving an answer.
"The Elysians may be more advanced, but they think us simple fools. The devices are cheaply made, easy to remove.
Tesla began to guffaw, taking his tracker out of his pocket.
"The damn thing went dead the moment I used some electricity to zap some bugs. Just had to dig it out."
Lifting his rag cover, he revealed a small gash on his shoulder.
Fiasco revealed a device, looking to Tesla to translate.
"EMP. Big baby. All of your trackers should have been turned off by now."
Phyz looked at Fiasco with a look of shock and anger, then punched Tesla.
"What the hell! Fiasco is he one who didn't tell you!"
Phyz have a small shrug before trying to find his tracker.
"I can never hit Fiasco, he's still the lovable child I knew."
Fiasco was distracted looking through the masks with childlike glee.
"Oh calm down Fiasco, your mask already filters the air. Good thing you brought one that did work on Flagesium."
Syren finished making sure her mask worked before addressing the rest.
"Stop bickering and get a mask Tesla. Alright, let's get this trip out of the way."
The guide had already left to the wall, impatiently glaring at the group he was to lead.
He gave a final warning as they finally assembled.
"Stay with the group, do not be left behind and do not be led from the path."
Silent nods began the journey in the Darklands. Passing through the gate, Tesla looked beside him.
"Hush, I'm supposed to keep my mask on so I don't go crazy."
Fiasco stopped him and took his mask from his belt.
"Would you look at that! Little ones are more persuasive than I thought."

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