Growing Madness

The detective had started losing his mind, talking nonsense and flailing at his partner as if he were fighting for his life.
The guide had stopped the group to contend with the delusional Oaks, the others gathering around him.
Fiasco looked to Tesla, who had shown several signs of lunacy beyond normal levels. The thaumaturgist kept talking to something g beside him.
"Why would we go this way, the man has a fun path, he said we could go crazy!"
Pushing Tesla, Fiasco was met with a scornful glare from within the mask.
"Fiasco, do not interrupt, I haven't seen my friend in years."
Shaking his head, Fiasco focused on the current events, which had seemingly ended with an unconscious Oaks being hoisted onto the guides shoulder.
As he resumed the trip, the guide mumbled something in his special language before ordering the rest to follow. Fiasco felt an urge to warn him, but the moment was lost as the group carried on.

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