She'll always be my little girl even if I lost her spare.

11th October - Montclaire Estate, Highholm - Evening

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you sir.” Nanny Nit did not look at all pleased to be passing on this news.

“Impossible. Children hit growth spurts, but they do not grow four inches overnight.” Benjamin Montclaire did not look at all pleased to be receiving this news.

“Diana did. And it’s not just her height, sir.”

“What do you mean?” He looked up from his ledger at last.

“It’s….uh....her.…” The nanny thought a moment then bumped her hands against her breasts a few times and raised her eyebrows to her employer.

“How many girls have you raised, woman? That’s a natural process they all go through.”

“Not like this, Sir. Not in three days. I’ve helped her dress and she has definitely matured.” Nit rose up on the balls of her feet as she said that last word.

“Fine. If it’s as you say I’ll just stop by her room and…..”

“Absolutely not, Sir! I mean, beggin’ your pardon Sir, but she’s not ready to see anyone. Not just yet.”

“Well, this can’t go on forever. Make sure my daughter is here, in my study after breakfast tomorrow. If she’s not…” He left the threat unspoken, but his meaning was clear.

“I understand, Sir. She’ll be here even if I have to drag her down the stairs myself.”

“I hardly think all that will be necessary.”

“Even so, Sir. I do have your permission should it become necessary?” Nanny Nit had raised the twins and their older brother before them so she knew just how difficult they could be when push came to shove.

“Yes, Yes.” Benjamin dismissed her with a careless wave and that was the end of it for the night. The next morning, though, was going to be a shock to his senses.

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