Dinner and a show

- 11th October, The Wonky Donkey, Evening -

Agnes came into the establishment to escape the night air and the city watch. She had attempted to burgle one of the factory owners in the Steamworks District and had an exceptional failure this evening. She had been sent to retrieve information on a shipment of flagesium that was to be transferred in the near future. She had instead accidentally ended up with the gentleman's wallet and pocket watch. The items in question happened to fall out of his coat pocket while he was meeting in the other room. She was keeping them for safe keeping till she could return them to him.

During her escape, she the exceptional failure happened. The mechanism she had built functioned in a most interesting way, it jammed. So she sped down the cable till she had the good fortune of being low enough come in contact with a tree which freed the gear and allowed the mechanism to detach from the cable. The tree provided her an excellent spot to watch the cable car whiz past her without being detected by the constables. Thus freeing her from the embarrassment of being detain. Failure brings knowledge, knowledge brings improvement in the design.

Now, the fine gentleman would provide her dinner before she reported back to her master.

She ordered a bowl of stew and tea to drink. Watching the door and the crowd.

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