The mask

The sky burned an unearthly green, much brighter than in the city. Tesla could easily lose himself in the sickly glow. Looking at the others as they continued the journey, he saw an ethereal figure walking beside him. It quietly motioned to the waste with a beckoning look.
"Oh gracious no, I couldn't leave Fiasco! He couldn't survive out there."
This garnered a glare from the newcomer, the one who had followed the now unconscious Oaks.
"What can you do? Not everyone can just run out into the wide open world."
Another look and the man quickly turned away, though he edged closer to their guide and whispered something.
Seeing this, the ethereal figure began to panic, urging Tesla to run. He pushed him away with an impatient anger.
"No! The wastes ain't for me!"
As he ranted, he was stopped by the guide.
"What did I tell you about the masks!"
Tesla was confused, but feeling his face, found it bare. looking to his hip, he saw it was once again dangling from his belt.
"Well well, crafty bastard."
A sudden blow struck his head and Tesla fell into sleep.

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