Dinner and a show!

“Oh Miss Jeters, go easy on the girl.” Jericho called out after stealing a free table and chair. “She was just explaining the fine art of ballet via demonstration of her grace and … >ahem< flexibility. Innocent as can be!” That got a chuckle out of the crowd and fried potato to the face.

“Hey, free potato!” He grinned defiantly munching on it. Nope, no one was raining on his parade.

“Hey slim!” Jericho waved to the girl. “How about some dumpings and tea. Also if I make another lewd comment do I get another free potato wedge?” He asked with a snicker. He had no reason to be in anything less than a sunny mood! A fine day in the Dark Lands, a good haul and a lovely show before getting dumplings and tea!

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