Nichola jolted from the table, her awakening sending several rolls of paper tumbling to the floor. Blinking against the single light, she was startled at the sight of the Rising Star agent leaning against the wall.
"Not getting much done now are we? You at least have a basic plan?"
Shaking herself awake, Nichola shifted through the papers until she found the one she had fallen asleep writing. It was basic bones, but it was the plan that made sense. Looking it over, the agent gave a sneer.
"Are you kidding me? You claim to know the insides of this town and this is all you can come up with??"
Crumpling it into a ball, the paper was thrown into a dark corner. Pushing off of her post, the agent approached the desk as Nichola ran her hair through her fingers.
"Well, it is not as simple as you make it sound, especially with a regime change that throws out all of our previous contacts and bribes! not only that, but no one else seems to have a mind to help. SO, if you don't mind getting off my back, I could think of a decent idea to fight this."
Blowing out a breath, the agent backed off and stepped away.
"Ok, fine. Fine."
Before exiting the room, the agent stopped.
"I will say, stupid as it is, going under the city? Stupid enough to work."

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