The Mine

Flashes appeared in the void.
The Maelstrom, ever roiling, ever present.
Dusk, ablaze.
Snow falling from the sky.
A face, shifting with the winds of the Deadlands.
A single bolt of lightning, hurtling from the Eternal Storm to strike two young boys.
A quick slap woke Tesla from his visions. FIasco backed away from him, letting his friend adjust to their new location. Phyz stood nearby, looking at Tesla with a wary eye and Syren continued a conversation with the guide.
Looking to the sky, Tesla couldn't see his beloved Maelstrom. The cold stone of the Delve blocked all visions of the sky, making Tesla groan.
Syren bowed to the guide as he departed for the surface, leaving them.
"He doesn't know where we can find Fitz, but luckily most of the miners stick to the safer regions. Hopefully he is still alive."
Tesla leapt from his rest, what little sanity he had coming back to him.
"Oh he is alive alright, nothing but himself could catch him the way he would go on."
As he set off to find his friend, Phyz grabbed him.
"Look Tez, we would love to just waltz around looking, but we have to be careful here too. See those hounds?"
Looking around the loosely built shack that hid them, Tesla saw a monstrous creature walking aimlessly, sniffing random huts and people.
"Looks like a cute fella, Fiasco, mind if I take one back to Dusk?"
Everyone ignored the question, instead sitting in a circle to discuss the plan.

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