Still a sip of tea left ...

Well, the barmaid clearly had a way with words. To the point, he didn't sure if she was hitting on him or just having merry fun at his manly expense. Boy though it felt nice, her hands on his neck massaging stiff and sore muscles. The Wonky Donkey was certainly raising the bar on food, service, and entertainment that much was clear! Though the ear tug and continuing food porn talk was making him wonder if he was more handsome than he thought he was!

With the sudden influx of people the wordy and bendy girl, Zelda, was kept busy. Jericho did mind the colorful folk that wandered in but he sure wanted to take his time to unwind.

Either way, scavenger was nearly done and was sipping the last of his tea when Zelda went and made herself comfy at the table. “All done for that day?” Jericho guessed with a sly smile leaning back in his chair. Fine, he wasn’t the smoothest sweet talker in Dusk. He spent more time talking to himself and tossing smart remarks, that charming lovely ladies at pubs.

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