Walking the dark Halls of the safe house, Nichola wished to return to Tesla's hideout. It wasn't the flashiest place, but there was a freedom there that she longed for again.
From what little they could gather from surviving contacts, the take over of Dusk had been brief, with most of the ruckus now back in politics.
Nichola turned a corner and nearly collided with one of Tesla's senior cultists.
"Excuse me, Samuel was it, I was just looking for one of you."
The man paused for a moment, his particular symptom of his initiation, then snapped back to reality.
"Ofcourse m'lady, might I wonder the reason?"
"I have an itch to see the old hideout again, maybe try and salvage some things."
Samuel nodded, slowly drifting off in his thoughts before quickly turning and rushing to find the others.
Completing this, Nichola went to find the Rising Star agent.

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