Zelda needs a Date

Wonkey Donkey - October 11th - Evening

<<“All done for that day?” Jericho guessed with a sly smile leaning back in his chair. Fine, he wasn’t the smoothest sweet talker in Dusk. He spent more time talking to himself and tossing smart remarks than charming lovely ladies at pubs.>>

“No, not done by any measure. My shift here, yes that’s done. But I still have hours of practice ahead of me when I get home. There are barre exercises, what you saw earlier is really just fooling around. An hour of those, an hour of pointe technique, that’s toe work for non-ballet minded folk. Resistance training for my calves and thighs then, before I get too tired, I have to go over the choreography for the latest production we were working on. Of course, that may never happen now that the Solstice Theater is closed.” Zelda looked at Jericho, clearly sizing him up on measures other than the quality of his face. She scooted her chair closer to his and showed him the flyer for Blackthorn Imaginarium. “What are you doing tomorrow night? And if you say anything other than taking me to the grand opening of this event I will be most put out with you.” She made sure to emphasize those two words and laid a small hand on his knee, under the table.


Ives Home - October 12th - Morning

“I’m just saying, it doesn’t sound like something you’d be interested in. Really Zelda, a freak show?!” Mother Ives was doing what Mother Ives did, fuss over her daughter.

“I’m not sure if they like that term, mother, but they are most definitely freaks. They came into the Pub last night, that’s why I was late in getting home. There were giants and an acrobatic midget dwarf and one of those Ashen who was so thin she made me look fat.” Zelda patted her flat stomach through her blouse and made a face.

“Don’t compare yourself to Ashen. They’re dirty, diseased people. That’s why she was so thin, she was probably being eaten away from the inside.” Mother Ives knew just how to cheer up her daughter.

“Yes, I suspect you’re right,” Zelda was all smiles now. “I’m not all that excited to see the freaks, but with a name like Blackthorn Imaginarium surely that means there will be other performances.”

“Oh indeed, that does sound like there may be some dancing even?” Mother Ives was running a brush through Zelda’s hair and looking at their reflection in the mirror.

“Not my kind of dancing, but yes there has to be dancing, right? Anyway it’s called exhibitions so it could encompass anything. Leave my hair alone, Mother. It’s much too early to start getting ready and I still want to go back outside to delight in the…....”

“Snow dear. It’s called snow. And no, I don’t think I like the sound of exhibitions. That has a lewd ring to it.”

“Snow…” Zelda had a dreamy tone to her voice, “It’s amazing, this snow. Everything is covered in purity and white. And not like on the stage where it’s foul tasting cotton or worse.

“You tasted it?!?!” Mother Ives was on the move to snatch up the jar of mouthwash. “That came from the Maelstrom; I can’t believe you put it in your mouth! Speaking of which, I want you to behave yourself with this gentleman tonight. You may be the Prima Ballerina, but this is not the theater and people will talk unkindly if you are seen to be too forward with him. Bad reviews, Zelda, bad reviews. Here, gargle this for thirty seconds.” She practically poured it down Zelda’s throat.

Between the gargle and her indignation at her mother’s bridge from one topic to the next, Zelda almost choked on the mouth rinse. She kept trying to spit it out, but her mother was adamantly holding the spatoon behind her back until a thirty count had passed.


“There, now your mouth is minty fresh for this evening in case you need to share a quick kiss with this gentleman. Just in case Zelda and only a quick kiss. Bad reviews.”

Zelda flashed her mother a wicked smile and darted from the room to run down the stairs.

“I’d like to at least meet this man who will be escorting you this evening!” Mama Ives’ voice came bellowing from the top of the stairs.

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