Flowers for the lady

Cross Home/Workshop - October 12th - Evening

“No bringing her back here.” Jericho’s brother chided from somewhere in the shop.
“I know.” Jericho drawled fixing up his hair some.

“Be back before midnight.” The younger cross brother called out. There was the clack of something falling and clattering followed but a stream of curses.
“Who’s the ADULT here?!” Jericho, hollard back irritated.

“Me. CLEARLY.” The younger Cross called back “Midnight! We … yes, WE have work in the morning. You PROMISED to take me out with you.” The brother said crossly popping up to ensure his elder brother knew the seriousness of the matter. Though, it was hard to since he had an oil smudge clear across his face.

Jericho made a rude gesture. “Relax little brother. I wouldn’t leave you out in the cold like that, I promised didn’t I?” He assured the brat.

“Uh-hu … midnight … please? Don’t forget a coat.” The youth said the clicking of the socket wrench signifying the end of the conversation.

“Nice talk. See you later grease monkey.” Jericho teased putting his duster. “Shower before bed, I don’t need more oil stains to scrub out of your bedsheets.” He left before his brother could shoot back a comment of his own.


Jericho liked to walk in Dusk. Given he spent nearly most of the day on a bike scavenging for rare parts and doodads across the bleakness that lied beyond the walls of the city … Jericho had a certain appreciation for walking in a place that teemed with life. Not to say it didn’t have its moments just that he felt most take he had a unique perspective of things he didn’t share with the general populace.

He walked along briskly to the address given to him by the lovely dancer. The man couldn’t clearly recall that last time he had gone on an actual date. Giving the occasion the young man made sure to get some colorful flowers from a street hawker. He made sure to pick the least sad batch.

He had a moment of realization that it had been some time since he wandered through town! When had be become such a workaholic? Best not mention that … well, it was going to be best not to mention a lot of things.

~Ah well … moment of truth! ~ Jericho though taking a breath before knocking on the door.

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