The Doctor Is In

13th October - The Delve

Mortimer was led to a dark and more highly secured area of the prison. It was clear he was being taken to a dangerous place, yet he dind't know how dangerous. He coudln't help but get excited at the possibility of it all. With each passing inmate he saw more and more potential the farther and deeper then went. At one moment, he was about to jump out of his own skin as he saw a trio of guards escorting a bound inmate, entirely off the ground. "This must be my patient!" he exclaimed, stepping forward to begin the examination.

"Wrong," came a response from one of the guards leading him who also grabbed him away from the inmate. "He is the last inmate within 50 feet of your 'patient' - everyone else closer has gone beyond insane, they've gone... something else because of her."

"HER?!" Mortimer asked. He'd seen a wide array of psychosis in patients but never as deranged as they were hinting at in a woman. "How is it some of you are unaffected, if you are leading me down there?"

"No idea, your the 'doctor'," the guard said. "Its just me and these three who seem unaffected." He grabbed Mavro and slamed him against a wall. He grabbed him by his shirt and lifted him off the ground with a single hand. He looked around, being sure no one else could hear him, and he leaned in and whispered, "Now listen here... I've been doing this nineteen years...19! And I've survived some of the worst shit imaginable. I've got one more and am not about to jeopardize it for this... well, whatever she is... You figure her out and figure her out quick or I'll personally escort you and watch as the cannibal sodomites we keep in the catacombs eat your and rape you to death!"

He set Mortimer down and straightened his own jacket. His whole tone softened. "Nineteen years and I thought I'd seen in all, till she came in. She's the only thing here that's ever scared me... and I think I like that about her."

He led him down the hall to the end room. This one was special, it had two sets of doors. The three, previous inhabitants had been monsters; creatures more than men who spat acid or could ignite the very clothes people wore with their minds. But when the guard opened the first door, Mortimer was shocked to hear the sound of a violin.

"You gave her a violin?"

"Someone did, don't have the guts to take it away. Good luck, doc," the guard said and opened the second door and pushed him in. Then he locked the door behind him.

Mortimer was astounded. The room was spotless. It still smelled of fresh paint and there were windows, opened, to air the room out. There was a rug, a lamp, a settee, and a bed with fresh linens. On the settee, sat a girl in a light pink dress, playing amazingly. As her song came to a close, she turned, playing the last few bars facing him. She finished and waited... he looked around and felt his hands clapping, though beyond his control.

"Thank you, thank you, Dr. Mavromichali Mortimer," she said and turned to put away her violin.

"Did they tell you I was coming?"


"Then how do you-," he said and cut his own sentence short.

"I know everything about you, everything," came a feminine voice in his head.

"Now to serious matters," Abigail actually said aloud. "What do you think? The pink or violet curtains... which do you think goes better in this room?" she asked holding up two cloth samples.

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