Sounds Like a Plan

12th October - Somewhere in Dusk - Afternoon

Emily listened from the shadows. It had been pure luck that she had stumbled upon this meeting of her one time employers. A casual remark made in passing which she had overheard. The fellow in question was sitting in the room now completely oblivious to the fact that he had been followed. Sloppy.

Nichola she recognised from her days reporting to Fiasco and his crazed cultist friends, but this Lucia was new and she wondered which cell she had belonged to before the Elesian purge.

The time had come. This would be risky which was why she had sent Tate back to the estate. It had taken some convincing but at the last she had managed to plant the thought that he need to spend some time with his sister before they departed the city.

Taking a deep breath she stepped out into the light of the room and tried not to flinch as countless hands went to their weapons. She raised her hands,

"We have probably changed the passwords by now, but I can recite a few of the older ones if you wish. I am known to some of you at least."

Nobody shot her and that was a good sign. She carefully reached into her pocket and drew out a flier. A train heist sounds like a plan but why not go out with a bang and create a distraction while we are at it? She threw the flier onto the table.

"A circus?" Someone murmered.

"Hardly a high profile target." From another.

"The regent will be attending tonight." She announced, "Is that high profile enough for you?"


Montclaire Estate - Afternoon

Tate walked through his childhood home and took in the sights and smells of it. Perhaps for the last time he thought. He expected that this trip to Graymire would not end well, but he would be doing something at least, unlike his cowardly father, and he would be with Emily.

He decided to get himself ready form the evening's activity. He had never been to a venue such as this Blackthorn place before, it was a little low brow for people such as himself. Still it warranted a dress suit he supposed. Black with the red bow tie he decided and ordered one ofnthe staff to make it ready while another drew him a bath.

While he was waiting he made his way to the upper sitting room and there he found his sister. Diana was sitting near the open fire reading and as he entered she lowered the book and forced a smile.

"Good evening brother." she greeted him and he bobbed his head and took a seat opposite.

"Emily and I are venturing out tonight to the Twins." She pulled a face at the mention of Emily but he pushed on, "There is a show of sorts at the old Blackthorn estate."

He rummaged around in his pockets and handed her the crumpled flier. She took it gingerly has if he were trying to hand her a dead rat. He recalled having done just that when they were much younger. She had screamed the house down, while Serenity had burst into tears feeling sorry for the poor creature.

"What are you smiling at?" Diana asked.

"Oh just an old memory," he replied, "Come with us tonight, it will be fun!"

She raised an eye brown and looked at the flier once more. "Perhaps I will see you there." She said at last.

OOC: Events set prior to your last post Esimed, just wanted to establish the character link before moving on with events. Lucian, I will drop you a line regarding the circus and the train... good times.

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