Delightful Carnage

13th October - The Delve

Mortimer stepped out to see three guards in various stages of agony. Not seeing any inmates nearby, whom he initially assumed had caused the violence, he was frozen. The door slammed behind him and the guard who'd led him there pushed him forward. "I don't know how she does it, but this one," he said pointing to one of the guards unconscious, "started arguing with that one," he said pointing to another, "about whom the girl favored more and as you can imagine it didn't go well. The one whose out, being smaller, opened a cell for 'backup' I suppose but the inmate turned on both of them and it took me and this third guard to subdue them all. Better yet, once we got things all settled, no one seems to remember anything they did. This one (the first) was conscious until I asked him why he done it and before he could answer he just sort of crumpled to the floor."

Again, Mortimer was slammed against a wall. "You best be able to 'fix' her or kill her. I tried once already and the image she put in my mind I won't ever forget so I just can't be the one..."

Mortimer was shocked. Here was a brute of a man, decades on the job, and afraid of a waif. A waif who sparked a bit of madness he thought long dead within himself. No, he woudln't kill her and any 'fix' would be only to make her stronger and see and use her full potential... "Isn't that right, m'lady?" he asked in his head.

"Yes, my one and faithful servant," Abigail's voice echoed in his head. He smiled, hearing her play that haunting song again.

"I need my things... all of them. Clear a cell nearby and I'll get things setup. I'll also need a few other items and the crescents to pay for them or for you to procure them..."

"Man from the High City said you'd say that. You get anything you need. You give me a list and tell me where it can be found and I'll get it for you-personally," the guard replied.

"Excellent," Mortimer thought. He was back!

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