Scouts Honor

This wasn’t the first talk he had ‘the talk’ with the parents of a prospective date but it was by far the most interesting. With a great deal of ballet references, the Lady Ives had a way of speaking that made the experience fresh at least. Now he knew from which parent Zelda had gotten her flair of speaking. He did have to wonder if they were aware of their daughter ability to combine innuendo and food in a clever manner.

Even so, Jericho nodded at each point the mother made, mostly because he was unsure if there were any weapons in the house. You never knew so it was best not to tempt fate. Beside it was the first date? At a public venture no less! How much naughtiness could they really get into … it was as harmless as you could get.

Of course, the husband managed to encapsulate what the mother had been elegantly trying to say in a single crude sentence. That must be where Zelda got the boldness.
“In the most elegant fashion possible.” Jericho answered the father with a lopsided if not assuring smile. “I promise to be a perfect gentleman.” He assured them both.

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