The show

-Somewhere in the City-

Emily shifted against the point of the knife, trying not to let the fear show in her eyes. If she looked panicked it could too easily be seen as a sign of guilt. Instead she barked a laugh and met the womans eyes dead on.

"If I was going to betray you, you would already know it. Everyone the Elesians want are already here in this room, why would I go to the trouble to share this information when I could have just brought a Tin Man and a squad of soldiers in to arrest you all. Gods woman think."

There came murmers of agreement around the room and the knife point moved from her side. Lucia relaxed her grip but did not let go as she considered Emily and her words, looking for a flaw in her argument, a tell that might hint betrayal.

"Lucia let her go." Nichola placed a hand on her arm and Emily slumped back against the wall.

"Will you be joining us?" Nichola asked once some of the tension had drained from the room.

"Not exactly," Emily replied. "I have a date."

-Blackthorn Estate-

Nichola elbowed Lucia, trying to get her partner to stop fidgeting. A small raid had gained them various attire, giving the better looking members the appearance of lower upper class.
"Quit, you want everyone to know you don't belong in that dress?"
"Shut it, I have never wore one of these in my life, the damn thing feels like it's choking me."
Rolling her eyes, Nichola was beginning to regret not having Lucia with the others. Hopefully they found a way in.
"You sure this will work, we don't even know what the security is like."
The group moved aside as a Tin Man strode along the walkway.
"It's the only plan we got, plus it's the only chance we have at the Regent. Just hope Emily didn't trap us."
Gathering in a loose group, the assembled began light conversation to blend in with the other drifting groups, waiting for the show to start."

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