The hound

Syren and Phyz had made most of the plan, their "leader" spent much of the time spouting nonsense and speaking to "friends".
"We stick together, splitting with those hounds will only get us all killed."
Syren leaned against the wall of their temporary shelter, her brow furrowed.
"What parts of the mine should we start on then? None of us have been here and we don't have a map."
Tesla edged away, being drawn by another hallucination.
"What do you mean a beacon? I don't want a swarm of disciples at the moment!"
The shadow gestured at the hound, it had appeared again from wherever it went.
"The pup? But he's so cute! I was hoping to entice him to come home with this bone I found."
Holding up a skull, he caught Fiasco looking his way.
"What's up chum? Do you have another idea to get the dog to come with us?"
Fiasco stood and brought Tesla back to the others, who had concluded at last and were preparing to leave.
"Ok Tes, we need to get past the hound, so make a diversion in the opposite direction and-"
A look of maniacal glee came over the thaumaturgist as he strode towards the guard hound, the dog picking up the man and raising its hackles. Before it could charge, lightning was coursing through its body as it spasmed. WHen the bolt died however, the beast was panting and slightly singed, but baring its teeth and running towards Tesla.
"Damn it! You will get us killed here!"
As Tesla prepared another bolt, a figure ran past him towards the hound. Fiasco jumped into the air, barely dodging the ravenous jaws and tossing an item down its gullet. Sensing the foreign object, the beast stopped and turned towards Fiasco. It couldn't do anything else, before a light in its gut expanded, then its chest exploded.
Before a retort could leave Tesla, Fiasco had him by the arm, dragging him towards Phyz and Syren as they began a rocky start to finding Fitz.

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