October 13th, afternoon: Lady's Grace

Connor was stunned. He'd prepared himself for death - and gladly so - but he hadn't expected Emma to have tried and give herself to him let alone to not take him up on his offer immediately to try and save Lina. He knew they loved each other in their own strange, opposite-attract sort of way, and he knew Emma hadn't been with a man for a very long time, but none of that quelled the passion flame that burned inside him for her.

He was glad to see a suit, much like his usual attire waiting for him, wrapped in a bundle at the edge of the bed. Emma knew him all too well and it fit just right. She'd even taken care to have a few features added; hidden pockets, a dagger up each coat sleeve, and a vest - a green one. He'd never been one to wear green but seeing as Emma picked it out, he wasn't going to protest. He washed, dressed, and headed downstairs.

The girl's were abuzz as he entered. He had to be polite, as usual, but this time casting off the affections and attempts to lure him to bed annoyed him more than usual. It had been hard over the years, turning down feminine advances - he could never risk them seeing his brands and tattoos and being outed. There were three of Emma's girl's especially, who'd cornered him as a group on more than one occasion, and tried to bed him. By the sun rarely seen that was a temptation hard to resist.

But he had, never partaking, ever...

He decided to leave the Lady's Grace for his endeavor. He preferred the ambiance of Emma's place more than any and any chance to be near her he'd always pursued but a good gambler had to spread himself around - not empty the pockets of too many in a single establishment to often. He'd even made it a point to lose intentionally, small amounts of course, to not raise questions he was cheating. It's not that he never did, he just avoided it when necessary.

The next few hours went by smoothly enough. He'd gotten worried a short bit in at a dive he'd rarely gone to when he was down over half his winnings, but the cheat across the table had let the cards up his sleeve fall out, one of the brutes playing with them had killed the man, and they'd split the man's pot, so he was ahead from thereafter. He'd hit five establishments in as many hours and was ahead of where he needed to be but new more money would do them more good in the next phase of their plan. Onto the Wonkey Donkey...

(OCC-Since it looks like a few folks were there but not posting, in case people wanted to jump in, I'm going to say it's late evening of the 13th at the Wonkey Donkey and tag everyone I think is there. If I"m wrong, just ignore it, or feel free to jump in, interact with Connor-or not- but this gives us a basis to help bring others up to speed. Also going to tag folks who haven't been seen a bit, just in case they want to be somewhere where people might be and are interacting.)

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