Show Me a Good Time

12th October - A Novel Idea - Evening

“Don’t make promises you won’t want to keep, Jericho.” Zelda’s voice preceded her from the other room. Mother Ives looked over and cupped her hand to her mouth as Zelda stepped out onto the landing in her new dress. It very clearly blended the design of a ballet tutu with the more prevalent fashions of the people, though the elements were somewhat reversed. The top was a shear affair of elegant silver, silk pooled just thick enough to provide modesty in two places. The waistline slimmed to a point of envy and was wrapped in a black satin band that shone like polished glass. The deep green skirt was of pleated corduroys that flared out from the hips and fell to just below the knees; it was sure to fan around her when she twirled. The pair of black boots on her feet were strapped with thin strands of tiny silver bells that pealed in tune to one another as she moved.

“That’s my little heartbreaker,” Mother Ives said as she rushed over to brush Zelda’s hair from her eyes. She’d worn it gathered up loosely on top of her head to drape and fall as it would.

“No fucking...” her father muttered as he wiped a tear from his eyes. He handed her a small flask monogrammed with a simple “Z”. “In case you get cold, Zelda.”

“Thanks Admiral. Mom thinks I should wear a jacket, but you always know just what to say.” Zelda took a quick nip from the flask and her eyes went wide. “Shit damn that’s the good stuff!” She lifted the hem of her dress and tucked the flask into one of the straps she wore high up on her stockinged legs. “You ready to show me a good time, Mr. Jericho? If we’re quick we can wrap up this first date and get started on the second one before we make it to the show.”

Zelda ushered Jericho back down the stairs as fast as she could while Admiral Ives shouted after them, “No Fucking!”

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