Trap is Set

The fanfare announcing a new guest brought the attention of the group. They quickly ran behind the crowd to catch a glimpse of who came.
"She is here! We need to get into the Great Hall!"
Nichola gave a smirk as they fought against their dresses to quickly get ahead of the Regent. Her little show bought them time, though they had to slow in order to not draw attention from the flying soldiers.
"And what made you think she was already here?"
"Shut it."
They ran towards a side gate, where the guards stopped them.
"No one past this gate, please return to the grounds."
Lucia's glare became scrunched, then she walked up and slapped the man with full force.
"Degory, you're an ass."
Degory chuckled to cover the pain and quietly let them in, punching his partner as he closed the gate.
Another team led them into the main building, ditching their uniforms to join the crowd. Nichola had a double-take, she could have swore she just saw Degory making some women laugh at a table.
Lucia pulled her back to attention.
"Looks like we made it in, everyone else made it through. If we make a scene, it better be a big one."

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