Wakey wakey

"Wakey-wakey," came a sweet voice...

Mortimer could smell flowers, feel a warm, clean breeze drift across how face. He felt the pressure of a person laying on top of him. He stretched his hands and felt satin sheets and recognized the smell... jasmine... his wife had worn jasmine perfume - incredibly expensive but he'd managed to both acquire and afford it. He smiled, ready to open his eyes and see his angel...

When he did though, he saw something much different...

The soft bed was gone. The warm breeze and jasmine replaced with the stench of death and decay.

"Wakey-wakey," came a not-so-sweet voice this time.

He looked up from his prison bed to see the trio of guards whom had taken it upon themselves to turn his ten year prison term into pure agony in every way imaginable. He realized the voice was closest and had his trousers down. He just turned back over as he felt sweaty and filthy hands pull down his pants. Just before he felt the inevitable violation, he heard a voice...

"Wakey-wakey," came a different, sweet voice this time...

13th October - The Delve: Late night

Mortimer didn't want to open his eyes, but something within him felt no control over not doing so. He was in the chair where he'd passed out after the procedure and standing in front of him was Abigail. "You wrteched bitch!" he said and went to slap her. The hand froze inches from her face and at once, he felt like it was on fire. "Make it stop! Make it stop!"

His mind was swimming, back to a time where he experimented on people and once performed a procedure where he tried to combine metal and skin into a functional tool. The pain had killed the subject, which he felt now how he imagined the person had felt now.

And at once it was over. "You get that once... but NEVER insult me again," Abigail said sternly.

"I took the opportunity to search your mind while you were out... some very interesting memories there," she said with devilish glee.

"That was private... both of them...," Mortimer could only whimper.

"Not for me, nothing from anyone is 'private' anymore... thanks to you...," she said. "I gave you that one passing, not because I deserved it, but because of what you've given me....control, absolute control." And she hugged him like a daughter would hug her father when he'd given her a toy.

"It was so real, not controlled, but relived - and not in a way I thought you could do before, am I right?" Mortimer asked.

"Oh... don't be coy... you know how good that was. Before, I could make people imagine things, control their inhibitions, but not everyone and not into their own memories... but now, oh now you've allowed me to focus this gift and it's more than control, I am you - I can see, feel, experience everything you've ever felt or imagined. I am omnipotent - all knowing!" Abigail exclaims.

Mortimer blinked and she was face to face with him.

"And you... you embedded a fail-safe for yourself... didn't you?" she said.

It was a rhetorical question.

"So... what do you want?" she asked.

OCC: I'm saying she actually is omnipotent and am fine with limits on her power, but she's letting this get to her head.

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