A Vision to Behold

They were really adamant about the sex thing. Which struck Jericho as a bit odd but if he planned on making a good impression not just on Zelda he was going to have to do so with the parents as well. Though he could not help but be amused at their antics, seeing a pair hemming and hawing over their daughter. It was undeniably adorable.

“Of course Miss Zelda,” Jericho said taking her and giving a peck. Presenting the flowers to his date. “If may say you are a vision.” He complimented was guided/ushered/shoved out the door.

“Rest assured Mrs. Ives and Mr. Ives. I will take excellent of your daughter.” He assured them as they went out into the snow-dusted street.
“Yes! Mr. Ives no fucking on the first date, I am abundantly clear!” Jericho said before the man could say it for the fourth time. “Have a lovely night!” Walking away with Zelda's arm in arm.

“My, your parents are entertaining.” Jericho chuckled with a smile when they were well out of earshot. “They are sweet though.”

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