The plan had gone so right, no hiccups, no one blowing their cover. Everyone acted separately, but they worked as if their thoughts were linked.
This all had led them to this grand moment, the time when they would kill the Elysium Regent and send a message to Dusk that the Rising Star lived on!
Then Rust sent a louder message.
Lucia and Nichola were on an upper balcony, in perfect sight of Ines. A few bombs dropped would give the necessary damage and flare to get everyone's attention.
Lucia hated plays, the overly dramatic telling of the world made her stomach turn. So what if way back when someone threw a fit and bombed everything. She could tell the Nichola's tale of being upper class was proving to be true, the woman was stealing glances at the stage with an entertained look in her eye.
The time came, the theater went dark and everyone moved. Guards were silenced as the crowd gasped and Lucia held two grenades ready to go. Nichola held a button to detonate the bombs that would make their escapes.
Then the lights came on and all eyes went to the stage as the creature fought against its restraints.
Lucia lowered her hands as she tried to contain the terror that welled inside her. Nichola stumbled away, dropping the detonator as she panicked.
"What in the fucking storm is that?!"
It was at this time that the plan unraveled.
A guard making his rounds came upon the two, immediately drawing a baton to arrest them.
Without a thought, Lucia went to punch the man.
After a scuffle, an object flew out of the stand and into the seats below. Lucia finished the guard off, only to curse as she looked at the lone pin in her hand.
"We need to go, NOW!"
There would be a message from them, but Lucia felt her pride being destroyed as she pressed the detonator.

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