Let's Start this Party with a Bang

Diana stood out on the balcony with a handful of other partygoers, all looking up into the sky as the Regent arrived. Major was snapping at the falling snow, eating it as it fell, but the people were fascinated by the winged angels. Diana held her opera glasses up to her face and focused on the Regent herself. There was something timeless about the Elesium woman, though she wasn’t exactly young. She was wearing a small fortune in diamonds and pearls. She was also responsible for Serenity being exiled to the Delve so Diana hated her with a passion. The aerial display concluded and it was marvelous, though Diana hated to admit such a thing even to herself. There was chatter among the revelers as they moved inside to keep pace with the Regent and follow the entertainment.

A short while later, Diana sat down in the cushioned seat with her dog wedged securely between her knees. It probably wasn’t necessary to maintain such a tight grip on the animal’s harness; he’d shown no signs of misbehavior or bolting for freedom, but she was still getting used to the notion of owning a dog and her eventual seat neighbor seemed to appreciate the extra layer of control. Major had only turned his head back to see who sat down beside them, licked his chops carelessly then turned his attention to the ceiling where his nose began twitching. The lights went out and ….(LargeHobbit described it so well.)

Major Boogie let out two deep barks before Diana got him quiet. They were all fixed on the deformed body of Lucas Eli on the stage. Diana immediately felt bad for the poor soul; what torments had he endured in that blistered skin? What cruelties had been done on him just to get him locked within that cage? She’d always been an advocate for the downtrodden, but she was not a sucker for hard luck cases, not unless it involved some physically disfigured sort or the twisted torso of the maimed. And that’s exactly what she and everyone else were looking at. She was not attracted to them; her appeal was not one of erotic desire, but she was fascinated by them. She called them freaks with an attitude approaching reverence, not disdain. And these days it did not escape her notice that she too had been cruelly experimented upon and subjected to harsh treatments of various scientific degree. The end result with her was an accelerated second puberty, but the poor man on stage had undergone far worse.

Diana stood up to get a better look at Lucas Eli. Major barked at some debris tossed down from above and then the deafening concussive blast of an explosion released indoors rocked the building and blew wreckage and organic matter into the air. Those further away were sent to the floor for shelter; Diana was pulled to the ground by someone nearby and everyone’s ears rang. Major licked her face and she clutched at his collar.

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