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The End of the Beginning

12th October - Mork's Bend - Evening

His mind floated in the dark void it always did while his body remained dormant.
In this state he had very little concept of time passing by. Flashes of memories would sometimes explode in colorful patterns and his body would spasm in the dark confines of his hideout.
The ones that would usually bring about stronger responses where those where he recall the atrocities he had committed in his long life. Dreams of blood and anguished screaming. Dreams of fire and mind breaking torture.
If he had any lips left he would have smiled in his deep slumber.

The cycle of sleep was coming to an end. Soon the his sharp senses would once again pick up the usual noises from above. Grunting and squealing of pox ridden creatures, rutting and feeding. The stench would soon reach his olfactory hole and slowly but surely his mind would be reeled in back to his taunt and dessicated frame.

His hand slowly moved to the mechanism where his heart had once stood many decades ago. More of a reflex than a conscious movement.
He cracked the dial of the golden plate slowly counter clock wise. A few seconds later the winding-up of the key sparked a tiny pure ore of Flagesium that jerked the rest of his body into activity. The steel rod that had replaced his broken spine warmed up slightly bring other organs into life. The gears in his prosthetic mechanical hand and leg slowly started to spin and move.

He operated out of Mork's Bend and had done so for as long as he could remember. His quarters hidden deep beneath the bowls of the compound. Very few were aware he had been here this all time.
Morks Bend itself was a vast rail yard with the Green Line running past a small station on its western edge.
Tall metal fences stretched up around the station and yard containing all the building in a compound roughly half a mile in each direction. The whole place was dark and riddled with rust and dirt.
But not as dark or twisted as the family that for generations been the custodians of this unique outpost in the Darklands.

He had just finished putting his armor and mask on when a door slid to his left. A skinny wreck of a human being sat naked from the waste up in a wheelchair that seemed to have some kind of mechanical control. He was bald except for a few strands of white hair and he was missing an ear and most of his teeth. Behind him stood a vast woman.

"Brother Lewis." The Wraith said in a raspy voice.

"It's been too long Brother." the man said with a wicked laugh. "The Master sent word. The time is now."

"He will Rise from the Ashes of Dusk." the large woman declared in a shrill voice as if in prayer.

"The end of the beginning is upon us." The Wraith replied

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