Getting Away and New Beginnings

As a savage scream(it was too human to be a roar) filled the burning theater, Lucia guided a still stunned Nichola through the hole made by the bomb. She did not know where the others were, but she hoped they would meet again.
"Nichola, c'mon woman snap out of it!"
With much of the commotion contained to the theater, there were not many guards to stop them as the two fleed. Screams echoed from where their plan had failed and Lucia once more felt a pang in her chest. The one shot they had and it was a fiasco. She found some humor at allusion to her boss. Turning a corner a few blocks from the theater, she finally stopped and rested.
"I knew him..."
Lucia looked at Nichola, her eyes wide open and staring at the alley wall.
"I saw him every now and then when I would walk through the posh part of town. I know that doesn't mean we were friends or even acquaintances, but I saw who he was before.....that."
Saying this seemed to calm her down, she wearily got to her feet and held her hand to her head.
"We need to get to Fiasco and Tezla."
Lucia looked up at Nichola, she could see the nerve coming back to her eyes.
"Ok, lets go get our boys."
~The Delve~
The group had scoured much of the camps, dragging Tezla away from hounds and asking those who would stop for them. Not many knew of a quirky man like Fitz, but word from a few on the outer edges led them to a desolate part of the camp.
"They said here? How would he get supplies?"
As Syren and Phyz searched the area for signs of habitation, Fiasco watched Tezla pick around a pile of bones, causing him to get the others.
"These...these look like hounds."
A massive skull verified this. Tezla held it up and smiled.
"This was severed! That beautiful man!"
Rolling their eyes for the umpteenth time, they were startled by a pile of rubble moving. A small door shifted aside a wall of trash and a hunched figure walked out.
"You. All of you."
Tezla dropped the skull and slowly walked towards the man. They stopped feet from each other.
"Fitzgerald Montgomery."
Lifting his hood, Fitz wiped a tear that escaped his bulbous goggles.
"You all came for me."

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