Operator- I Need an Exit, Fast!

Diane heard her name shouted among all the other chaos. She looked around in the smoky air, but visibility was diminished and she wasn’t sure which way was the exit. She was clutching her parasol in her hand like a weapon when Major let out a low grow and stepped in front of her. Diane squinted and discerned the outline of her brother Tate with Emily at his side. Diane rushed forward to grab Tate’s arm. She still hadn’t gotten used to her new height and seeing him almost eye to eye was unsettling.

“What happened?” She asked her brother and Emily, both of which looked as confused as she. They moved away from the stage, looking for an exit, but the Mechans were everywhere. “I’m not hurt,” she finally told her brother who kept checking her for injuries. “We just need to find a way out of this place before The Regent decides we had something to do with it.”

Major was in the lead, sniffing the ground in sweeping passes left and right. He let out a few quick barks and Diane moved forward to see what he’d found. He had a mangled arm in his mouth and his stubby tail was wagging for all it was worth. “Oh that’s disgusting, Major. Put that down and let’s keep on.” But Major shook his butt defiantly and shoved the dismembered stump against Diane’s leg. That’s when she noticed something clutched within the dead fingers. She knelt down and took the arm from her pooch, absently rubbing him behind the ears (with her own fingers, not those attached to the mangled limb.) She’d never held an arm before and it was surprisingly heavy and unpleasant to the touch. She pried the fingers loose and held the small box up to Tate. “What do you make of this?”

OOC: What is it LargeHobbit? What’s in the box?!?!

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