I like the sound of that...

13th October - The Delve: Late night

Abigail thought his words over. A shred of her humanity had begun to return so she was inclined to accept his terms while the fierce part of her mind fought the semblance of backing down infuriating. "So shall it be, Mortimer dear," and in an instant she was in his brain... "but if you plan on crossing me... you better kill me quick or I'll make the remaining moments of your life a worse hell than you could endure or recover from."

"So that'll be the last time I'm in," she said aloud. She took a few steps to the window and looked out thoughtfully. "But I won't have us living in squalor once we resurface...."

She turned back to the hall and left the room but in a moment was back, three guards in tow. "You three... I want you to go, quit your jobs and tell your families you are through with them. Then, I want you to do whatever it takes to get the strongest and craftiest prisoners released and bring them to me for... re-education."

"Yes ma'am," they replied, robotically.

"Then, the nine of you will set about setting up a suitable residence for me and the doctor... one befitting our status as your masters... am I understood?"

"Yes mistress," they said in unison.

An hour later they'd returned, six inmates in tow who were then educated on their new lot in life and the nine went out to the city.

"Now doctor, what do you have in mind?"

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