OOC - Graymire and the Upper Delve

Evening writers I wanted to take the opportunity to publish some supplementary information about Graymire and the Delve as we have a number of characters either writing there or heading there in the near future. First of all :


This is a rough looking town surrounding the entrance to the Delve. It is mostly given over to the processing of mined resources out onto the Greenline such as Flagesium, and the processing of manual labour into the Delve never to return. Delve labourers are prisoners and there is not a free flow of people from Graymire to the Delve.

There is some small commerce in Graymire, with taverns such as the Gelded Goblin and shops available. There is also a native population called the Ashen who choose to live outside of the central compound and dwell in shanty communities.


You will also find the Rovers Guild here. A group of like-minded and wealthy adventurers who plan and execute illegal explorations of the Delve and surrounding Darklands. Graymire is in short the Wild West of Maelstrom.

The Upper Delve

First of all yes there is a lower Delve and no you can not go there yet unless you want to experience a painful death. It is filled with... well we will find out soon in game wont we, but lets just say... bad things.

The Upper Delve is a mining complex and do not be fooled by the word upper, it is still deep underground. The rest of this post will deal with anatomy of the Upper Delve for your use and reference. This will not include all of the individual mine shafts and tunnels which would be too numerous to count.


1. The Central Cavern - Here a large elevator lowers from the Delve entrance above and the main hall is given over to ore processing and loading.
2. Processing - new inmates
3. Strip and search
4. Food Stores
5. SW Check Point
6. NW Check Point
7. Prison Compound
8. Guard Room
9. Wardens Office
10. Solitary (This is Where Morty and Abigail currently are)
11. The Maw - an opening to the Deep Delve and an operation point for Mech-Miners (Giant Spider shaped Machines)
12. Mech repair stores
13. Armoury
14. Northern Checkpoint
15. Delve Hound Kennels
16. Central Security
17. Decontamination Room
18. Prisoner Stores
19. Mechan Workshops
20. Gas Valves
21. Prisoner Shower and Powder
22. Interrogation rooms
23. SE Check Point

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