OOC - 3 Days and Counting

Over the next three days I will be putting out a number of posts to bring out current time frame to an end. In game the evening of the 14th October will see an end to the current chapter and when I post again on Monday evening it will be February 15th in game. Just over three months would have passed and the events of the next few days will be history.

I will be emailing you all later tonight to make sure you are all happy with the jump and to nudge any posting that needs to take place to leave your characters in a good place. If you are busy and need me to do that for you just let me know and I will handle it in the best way possible.

From tomorrow tonight onward I will release a series of posts designed to bring the larger story to a new level... there will be some drama there will be some changes and there will be some carnage, because... Maelstrom ;) If you are feeling trigger happy and want a more active role in the weekends events just let me know and we can script it out.

So here we go... deep breath.

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