The Gang

Tezla marveled at his old friends lodgings. The man had kept busy while here, with prototypes and half-finished projects strewn about.
"Fitz, you still have your passion! That is perfect for my plan."
The hunched figure didn't comment at the moment, leading his friends to the back of his hovel. Here was where he slept, a pile of scraps resting in one corner.
"It was nice of you guys to find me, so I might as well let you stay here."
Phyz and Syren exchanged confused looks before Syren responded.
"Fitz, we aren't staying, we are here to get you out."
Fitz's eyes didn't blink for several minutes as it seemed he couldn't comprehend the offer.
"What nonsense, no one leaves the Delve! If you could, I would have left ages ago."
Flung into a sudden temper, he sat on the ground and picked up a gadget, tinkering on it while giving quiet curses.
Tezla only looked on in glee, thoroughly enthuzed by Fitz's machine. The others traded glances of worry. CLearly the man was more deranged than Tezla.
"Besides! Who would want to leave when so much has been happening down here!"
"What do you mean?"
Continuing his work, Fitz once again fell back to his silent mumbles, causing Tezla to finally take action.
"Fitz! I am sorry, but if you do not tell us your grand secret, I.....I will tell this chap here your darkest secret."
Looking at the peice of wall Tezla pointed to, The man quickly went white and spoke louder.
"The Delve!She speaks to those touched by her power! SOmething grand will appear, a messenger for a new age!"
Tezla looked stunned at this, for once looking rather serious.
"We stay here."
Syren and Phyz both looked ready to kill Tezla.
"What?? We came here to get Fitz and get the hell out of here! How in the name of Elysium are we to survive here?"
Looking to his comrades, Tezla took on the stoic presence of when he was back in Dusk.
"By faith we will be kept strong. For sustenance, well, a gang of Graymire runts can rustle up food anywhere."
While only slightly inspiring, the others decided to stay more so to make sure the two didn't die down here.

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