A visitor

Skippy sat in the small break room/entrance to the Gutter, alone with her meal. Max had to rush off to help the sector A group with a repair. Leaving Skippy to eat since she wouldn't have been tall enough to help anyway. Sitting at the small table with no matching legs she at her bland sandwich. Staring at it somewhat blankly, have eaten the same thing for months it wasn't as easy to choke down as it once was.

Suddenly their came a slam from the upper bulkhead. The heavy door forced open, and a clattering on the ladder. Who ever it was hadn't used the ladder before or not often at least meaning they were someone coming to bitch about cold and the heat not getting to their home. But the person on the ladder suddenly dropped with a thud. Meaning they didn't climb it's entity, and the second door suddenly flew open. Startling Skippy enough she almost fell backwards.

Phineas looked around the small room, looking past Skippy at first seeming to look for someone to ask for the repair. Well not ask, more like demand. It was obvious to her, he was either ignoring her presence or thought little enough of her, he just didn't see her.

"Little girl, where is your father. The Roost is ripping itself apart and we need it fixed now." Phineas said.

Skippy shoved the last little bit of sandwich in her mouth before speaking with her mouth somewhat full. But not so much so you couldn't understand her. "Excuse me? I work here." she snapped back, the man was intimidating yes. But she wasn't going to be pushed around by someone who needed HER help.

"Come with me, I am going to need you to help me." she said already clipping her belt back on and putting on her elbow length leather gloves. "I don't have anyone to help me right now so you want the tower to stay standing you are going to help me cycle the pumps." Skippy didn't wait to long for the man to persist, tossing him a pair of gloves.

"I get you only need to one, but we like to keep them as a pair down here. Gloves like that are a pain to replace, Mr.... Sorry I didn't catch your name." she said as the two rushed down the path to the the section the lay under the Roost. Unlike top side even with out the snow if you knew what you were doing it was easy and faster to get around down here. Someone who didn't could get hurt but with Skippy leading the way it was an easy task, so long as you didn't lean to far right or left. And someone as tall as Phineas would easy burn an ear on a pipe if he did.

"It's Phineas and skip the pleasantries girly we don't have time to waste." he said.

"That's good, because I wasn't wasting time. I was getting to know the person who, and this goes equally for you as well. Is about to put their lives in a strangers hands. So just figured knowing each others names would be fair." she snapped as the approved another large bulk head. Beside it as a odd box with what looked like a bell shaped metal piece attached to a string of wire.

"I know the Roost has one of these to. You need to call them up on the radio and tell them to shut off all the elevators and release all the clamps so we can cycle the pumps and knock the ice free." Skippy explained.

Pushing the next bulkhead open it hissed at her pushing. This room was sealed off in a way. Not to protect anyone from anything or to keep anything in, but the door just sealed from the heat differences.

Phineas picked up the radio dialing in the frequency to call the Roost. "Boys shut the tower down. Worker needs to cycle the pumps." he said.

Skippy couldn't hear what they were saying on the other side it was just mumbles and grunts. But a moment later the 4 large pistons wheezed to a stop, though out of sync. "Okay, now's the part where I need help." she said, handing him a wrench.

The roof here was surprisingly not as high as one would think Phineas could easily reach the top if he stretched a bit. "Hit the ice up there." she pointed it out it was out of her reach. Phineas glared at her. "Girl, stop testing me." he said. "Oi, I get you think you are a big bad man but down here I am queen. You want the Roost to stay standing I can't do it alone." she said, already leaning all her weight on a massive bolt as it squeaked a bit and moved. Before she quickly moved out of the way a jet of steam sprayed out, just missing her. "Do you not run these things at night?"

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