Adventure begins.

Agnes’ hole in the wall -The Rose - October 13th later afternoon.

Agnes had her fill of stew and company. She took a indirect route back to her home. She lit the last little bit of coal for the fire, getting the steam up in the small generator that she had built. A little smoke came out into the room as she moved around. She hadn't yet made a proper chimney and was reluctant to make a hole in the roof. The place was already not air tight. A rat ran across the floor of the hovel and hid in the piles of metal. Her hovel was part home, part library, part chemistry lab, and part machine shop. To most it seemed more like a junk yard of discarded equipment and the rat did not help the situation.

She got a tea pot and added water putting it on the steam engine. She set figured it would be one of the last times she would be having tea for a while. She readied the small cage with the leaves prior so it would be ready She pulled a coin purse that was hidden within her clothing. Her meal at the Wonkey Donkey had just about depleted her resources. With winter coming there would be need for coal.

She sighed then said to her black tom cat, who looked at her in indifference.
Agnes said in a slightly amused tone, "We must do something, my dear cat or you just may need to stop laying around and actually hunt them."
The cat responded with a purr and flicked his tail back and forth.

The cat wasn't much of a hunter, but he had engaged to men who had broken in to steal or do other uncivilized activities. The cat had managed to scratch out the right eye of one man and bloodied the other man causing them both to flee. As a kitten, he had been down with the miner and exposed to flagesium. As far as cats go, he was quaint. The miner's said he was down right strange as they threw him out of a barge, Agnes retrieved him and nursed him to the 35 pound cat he is now. It was like he really understood what she said. He had claimed her as a part of his pride and she had claimed him and his pride and kittens as family.

She turned to the tea pot that started it's whistle. "A man was talking about a small stash of raw flagesium in a warehouse," she said in an matter of fact tone. A chunk of flagesium about the size of her fist would power her generator for days. Selling it would bring in enough money to buy coal for the winter and food. Agnes intentionally left out the part about being at the inn.

Agnes seeped the tea and started getting things round. First was getting her equipment around. She went and fetched a leather waists pack that contained the picks, glass cutter, knife, and small tools she might need. She had made most of them in the workshop of her apartment. The quality wasn't great but with care, she would not break many of them. Next was a leather messenger bag that contained ropes, the harness, a fold able grapple wrapped in cloth, and a cross bow type device that gave her one or two attempts at placing the grapple. It was powered by the compressed air that she captured from her generator. As the generator wheel spun she had it pump air into a second chamber, that was them pumped into a third chamber with valves between chambers. The final chamber had a release that would fill the canister on the cross bow. She listened for the generator to slow down, then released the neutral allowing the pumps to be turned off and the machine to release the pressure from the boiler.

She put on a black leather body suit. Then clothing of a chimney sweep that she found shived in an alley. The poor man was robbed. She grabbed his clothing and gear. With coal and flagesium burned to power and heat homes and businesses, sweeps worked well. Agnes thought it must pay well, they lived in proper homes. The problem was, women were not allowed to be sweeps. Too dangerous, and Flagesium ash has a way of making one as mad as a hatter after enough exposure.

She grabbed a book on alchemy, sat down in a chair with her cup of tea with some bread and cheese. She put some on a plate for her lazy cat and waited for it to get dark.

Finally she tucked her hair up under the top hat, rubbed some coal dust on her face, strap the ventilator mask around her neck, and grabbed the rods and brush heads of a chimney sweep. She grabbed a small hold out repeater from a chest and put it in her pocket. Heading out.

She thought that she would pass quite well as a sweep. The leathers under the close kept her femininity bound. The coat minimized her hips. Close inspection would give her a way or if she needed to talk.

Her plan was simple and well rehearsed, get in, get out, don't get seen, and don't get caught.

She walked briskly as if she was heading to a job.

ooc- I know the time jump is coming. Agnes would happy to interact with anyone at this point.

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