The Maw

-14 October, Upper Delve-
The group followed Fitz around the Upper Delve, dodging hounds and guards while he gathered various trinkets and parts. He didn't speak directly to them, rather speaking to the air, not worrying if anyone responded. Tezla followed his friend like a loving puppy, often finding things that he thought Fitz would like or need.
"So is that our plan now? Follow Loon one and two?"
Phyz gently pushed Syren, he wasn't too thrilled either, but wanted the mood to be kept light.
"You heard him, something big is going to be happening. I'd rather wait and see if its real or just his final moments. You know?"
Syren rolled her eyes, mostly because he was right. None of them had seen Fitz since he was sent down here and she was felt it would be a kindness to stick around for a bit.
"If it isn't true, I'll throw him down the Maw myself. Speaking of."
The two deranged members had traveled a bit ahead, entering a large chamber.
Fitz then motioned the others towards a rocky outcrop, hiding behind it and motioning towards the machines. Monstrous spider-looking constructs, they methodically went about mining.
"I just need some raw flagesium, but lately the Mechs have been more vigilant. Think you can help?"
While Tezla volunteered with glee, Fiasco looked to the others for a game plan. He had become increasingly worried for his friend, the trip outside the walls seemed to have worsened his insanity. Phyz spoke up.
"There isn't anywhere else? I don't think we could get out if we take on one of these things."
He wasn't liking the tools on them, watching one gouge rock with ease. He was strong, just not THAT strong.
"Unless we jump a cart before its sent out, I don't see another way."
As the two argued, Fiasco pulled Syren over to look at Tezla. The man was having one of his fits, an arm seizing violently. What made Fiasco worry was the blood coming from his mouth.
"Tezla, when did you start bleeding?"
With his arm still twitching, he gave a smile and wiped the blood away.
"Don't we all bleed? Why make your Prophet sound like a feeble being."
A low growl alerted them all to a presence behind them, a hound that had found them. It stood a short distance away, head lowered and teeth bared.
"Fucking great."

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