Dark and Light


Fiasco lay in the ruins of the Crawler. Sparks and smoke filled the air and his mask was askew. He tried to lift his arm to adjust it but found his hand trapped beneath a steel girder. He felt ruined, but at the same time he could not believe he was alive. Even with the protection of the machine the drop into the Maw had been terrifying. They seemed to have been falling forever. He tried to blink away his double vision.

A red light appeared to his right then and he closed his eyes to ward off the harsh brightness of it. He could hear whispering in a language he did not understand. Taking a deep breath he calmed himself and closed his eyes. If whoever it was thought him unconscious it might provide him with an opportunity.

There came a sudden creak and violent pain as the girder was lifted from his arm and the blood rushed back into he limb. It took everything he had not to scream out. Hands were lifting him then, and he was carried clear of the wreckage. He was placed in what felt like a stretcher and then lifted to be transported by his mystery benefactors.

They were walking for what felt like hours but could not have been more than one and as they moved Fiasco took the opportunity to catch glimpses of his surroundings. He was in a network of caverns but unlike any he had ever seen or heard of. The floors and walls were lined with strange glowing plants and fungi and here and there crystal seemed to catch the glow of the flora and enhance it. It was warm down here too and the air seemed to be moist.

His eyes widened despite himself when he caught a glimpse of on the of the stretcher bearers. A huge beast. It was the only word he could use because it was no man. A mutant perhaps? It was massive and quite obviously strong beyond anything Fiasco had ever seen.

"Set him down." a female voice sounded in his mind. "You can stop pretending now."

Fiasco lay still for a moment silently cursing before he sat up and looked around. The creatures that surrounded him were an odd assortment. Some more or less human, others anything but. Their skin was of a deep pink moving to a deep shade of red on the extremities and their nails, hair and eyes were jet black. The speaker stood over him. A woman, and though her colouring was the same as the others she was more human than most and more attractive that any woman he had ever set eyes on. She was also completely naked, they all were. She smiled and his vision swam.

"You do not speak?" her voice filled his mind with promises of bliss. "That is well, your kind speaks too much for my liking."

"Welcome to the Deep Delve. Once the Haven of humanity and now the cradle of something new."


Phineas groaned and rolled over in his cot. The cell in which they had put his was comfortable but still a cell. He had seen surprisingly little since arriving and had been dealt with almost exclusively by Mechans. They had been arrested immediately after docking and marched straight to the cells where they had been cleaned and processed before being fed. A few of the men had resisted and the Mechans as killed them outright. Phineas had given clear orders for them to comply following that. He had seen no sign of Eris since arriving.

He groaned as he opened his eyes. It was so bright up here. The light came from white solid squares in the ceiling and his eyes were aching from the constant bombardment.

"It took me several weeks before I could stand it."

Phineas sat up as the sound of the voice and saw that the door had been opened and a man was sitting near by. He raised his hands to shade his eyes and glared through squinting lids. As the image formed, that face... that one eyes beautiful fucking face. he rose to his feet with a roar of pleasure.

"Eli! Eli you one eyed bastard you're alive!"

The old man laughed and embraced his fellow Skyrider. He looked serious then as they both sat.

"Phineas I am sorry about your men. I tried to tell them to use human guards but they were worried about contamination and the Mechans can be... harsh."

"They were lethal." Phineas growled, "but what do you mean? These bastards listen to you? You are working with them?"

"It is a long story my old friend." Eli answered, "But one I will tell you in time. Let's just say we have come to an understanding. I understand that Ines fucked things up down there?"

"Thats a fucking understatement." Phineas answered.

"Good... no that is good, it strengthens our hands. They are listening Phineas, at long last they are listening and we have a real shot of changing things."

"Now..." Phineas grumbled, "You haven't turned into a politician on me have you?"

Eli roared with laughter and slapped Phineas on the leg hard enough to sting, "No my old friend I am still a Skyrider, but the sky up here is a whole lot bigger and a whole lot brighter. You are going to love it!"

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