OOC - Congratulations and Questions

OOC: There's so much happening! I don't know which direction I want to throw my characters, but one things for sure, I'm gonna throw them into something. You did a fantastic job of kicking story lines into gear and involving a crap ton of characters, some of them NPC's we hadn't heard from in a while.

One part that confused me: When Phineas and Maynard square off in their airships while navigating the Maelstrom... Did Maynard known Phineas was on his own private mission when the Ophelia began rising up through the Maelstrom? If so, what was Maynard's plans for the airships if they weren't intended to ascend to the Floating city? Were they intended to provided air support during the Red Crew's raid of the People's Palace?

Also, did the EMP type device only affect Elesium technology? Well it did affect people physically, but were the Dusk technologies impacted?

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