The world going crazy.

Agnes and her cat were slowly walking down the street when the sound of combat reached her ears. Her cat headed for the cover of darkness, while Agnes continued to walk. She always knew that the cat was smarter than she was. Armed patrols were heading towards the combat, some civilians were fleeing it, and a few people like herself were seeing this as an opportunity.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, she came to the warehouse that the man talked about in the inn. At least it seemed to be, the marking on the signage matched. She walked the parameter, looking. Two guard shacks and a couple dogs. Lanterns around the yard, it was the docked airships high above the building, lowering their cargo down. Agnes had learned that one does not walk into a job through the front door unless one had put in time for creating a cover. This was a get in grab a couple bag full of items and get out. This required coming in from the roof. One window was cracked open just enough to let fresh air into the building and let the build up of heat out. Her partner in crime, would have spotted it first as a sparrow darted in and out of the window. But the cat was no where in sight.

She found a dark alley and stripped down to the leathers, tightened a few straps on the outfit to keep the bags from moving and approached the fence. The first thing she noticed was the feel of current through the fence. Electric fencing, no mention was made of that. The current was high enough to make noise and attract the attention of the dogs who would attract the guards. This didn't mean that the current wouldn't hurt. She smiled. The rods from the sweeps brush would allow her enough leverage to scale the fence. She would cling to the pole swing the bush over then slide down. After landing, she unscrewed the rods of the bush and put a strap around them. She acted like a cat keeping low and staying to the shadows. She wasn't sure if she was noticed, but at this point the goal was to get up to the roof before a patrol came.

Climbing came easy for Agatha, she had been doing it since she was a baby. Then when she was in the circus. It was like tight rope walking, tumbling, and being a flier. Heights did not bother her. Slowly she worked her way up the edge of the wall in a corner. The brick construction made it a fairly simple climb. Transferring to the roof was harder and with one of the dogs catching her scent, she had to freeze in place for a while. Her legs started to hurt and her arms. She rested them one at a time. Now came the dangerous part, she took out two daggers from her boot and wedged them into the eve of the roof. She hoped that they would give her the leverage she needed to swing herself up and over on the roof or keep her from falling off. As she swung up, the knife in her left hand let loose of its wedging hold, sending debris tumbling down, causing some barking and bringing the patrol again. She laid flat and still, calmly breathing. The right knife did not come free and we stuck.

It seemed like forever as the men talked below. "If my cat was here, I would not be having this problem," she thought. Slowly, she made it to the window. Covered by the noise of the airships creaking and pulling at their lines. In the window she went and across the catwalk. The manager's office was up high, below the hoists and away from the steam engine that powered them.

Agnes slowly made her way towards the office. There was no lights, no guards, and no real threat. She lit a match and looked to see the manifests of containers on the desk. A small box was marked with the ore she wanted. A sample from a new vein. It would bring more than six months money if she could get it in the right hands. She shook out the match and started out to find it. Over the rail she want, down a hoist cable, and across the tops of containers. She stopped as the night guard made their rounds. Finally coming to the stack. She climbed down, more flipped herself down hanging head first and grabbed the box. Next she headed for the bursar's office. With any luck she would be able to lift the petty cash box, payroll would be to heavy.

As she made the office, she found it locked. Out came her tools and in a little bit there was a click as the lock released. She latched the door behind her as she entered. A few more moments and the cage lock was picked. She lit another match as the gate clicked behind her. In the light she saw her cat in a cage. There was the sound of a man clapping. "Light the lantern and sit down," he said.

For Agnes, the world was about to change.

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