OOC - Welcome to the 15th February

First of all I am a day late for which I apologise. I decided to spend last night filling in Squiddie and TOS nominations. So fingers crossed :) Now back to Maelstrom.

The people of Dusk have spent the last four months coming to terms with the event of that night. They are calling it the Midnight Revolution and at long last there is a glimmer of hope as the the Council led by Stella Corbet come to a new understanding with the Red Crew, under Enoch Fordman.

However, the closing of the Nexus not only destroyed nearly all of the Dusk and Elesium airships it also remained closed effectively cutting off the City from much needed supplies and trapping thousands of Elesians in an angry City. The Regent Ines is nowhere to be found.
Trouble also brews beneath the street, a strange group known as the Ravens appeared to support the Red Crew on the night of the revolution and then quickly disappeared into the shadows. However, since that night their symbol has started to appear across the city and Enoch is hard pressed to reveal who they are and the secret of the terrible weapon they used to defeat the Elesians.

The Nexus remains closed while the City of Light considers its next move. They are depleting their Flagesium reserves and struggling with unrest in their once idyllic paradise. Not to mention having to deal with interlopers from below.

The Delve is on lock down. Three days after the accident at the Maw the gates were locked and now nothing comes out and anyone that tries to get in goes missing. The Ashen know something but they are not talking and the people of Graymire are getting nervous. In the meantime the town has become something of a refuge for the Elesians who survived the Midnight Revolution. They still hold power in the town if not in the mines.

Morks Bend
Strange things are happening there and nobody stays for long.

All Posts from this point on should be written on or after the 15th February and take into account the above events and the passage of time. See you all beneath the Maelstrom. Happy to answer any questions below or by email.

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