Into the Depths

A flash of light, pulsing and green.
The form of a man, blinded by the light.
The crackle of lightening and the rumble of thunder.
Tesla tried to open his eyes, a task that nearly killed his head. Pain seared through his mind and he quickly shut his eyes.
"Fiasco? Phyz? TESLA!?"
Lifting himself, he found that he was miraculously unharmed, aside from the hole in his side and some nasty bruises.
"Fitz! Where are you man, we have work to do!"
The hunched man shuffled from the darkness, a limp being the most evident of injuries.
"Where is everyone? I heard voices coming from the darkness."
Looking up, he squinted his eyes to a tolerable degree.
"Phyz and Syren we're left up there. Joykills."
Fitz looked at his friend and was about to warn him when Tesla fell to the ground.
His fit of coughing ended in a pool of blood. Fitz looked at his back and winced.
The coils were broken, one of which had lodged into his back. To use his powers would be a death sentence for anyone around.
"You need help... I need tools to help you. We need to find help."
Looking at Fitz, Tesla looked like hell and could only nod.

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