First job

15 February - A safe house in the Rose - Agnes’ Rooms.

The past few months had been an interesting time for Agnes. She had found herself partially a prisoner, partially a student, and partially an agent or employee of some organization she wasn’t sure.

She had been bombarded with information and tasks. She had been dressed up and taken to parties, been a waitress in a local bar, and other things.

“Learn the job and watch the people around you,” her handlers said as she was dressed up and given different clothing to wear.
In the morning she spent time with an old actor who taught her about acting, costuming and the afternoon. In the evening she either went out with a handler or had a tutor come in.
Occasionally she was allowed to perform on stage as a tight rope walker, dancer, or juggler. It allowed her to earn some money for things she wanted.

She was well kelt, the warm ledge of a bookshelf with sunlight shining through on her cat napping on the perch. Tonight she was going to do her first mission,

As she was getting ready, they cut her hair. The thing about redheads is their temper and Agnes was in a fowl mood. One of the men brought clothing in for her to try on and fit. She started hitting him. He did what any rational large man would do. He just picked her up so she couldn’t hit or kicks him. He held her in a way that she couldn’t hit or kick. To make matters worse he laughed. Agnes always liked knowing why, yet they did thing and had her do things without explaining it to her.

A handler, a middle age woman who looked like a librarian,came in. “Agnes, come now!” She said in a tone of disapproval. “See what I have for you.” It was a wig with long white hair and some clothing. A nice locket was sitting on top.

Agnes had known there was a good market for long human hair for wigs. Some people grabbed girls off the street others raided the vaults of the well to do shortly after they died. Most girls that were smart stayed away from dark alleys or kept their hair up. She thought about how much her hair would fetch.

Tonight she was going to be an old woman. Her job was to try an topple one of the patrolling guarding mechs. Agnes knew there was profit to be made if one could keep ones eyes open to possibilities. The plan was for her to set off an explosion beneath the mech as it raised its leg toppling it. Her tutor had taught her about levers and moving large objects. The mech qualified. When it lifted it’s leg it could be toppled if enough force could be brought to bare on the under the outside edge of the foot. It could be flipped. In her chemistry lessons, she learned about explosive reactions and the little glass balls she had in her bag would provide enough force if her calculations were correct.

Tonight, she was going to be on her own, well she was going to appear to be on her own. If all went well, the toppling mech would smash through a shop wall allowing her to do a smash and grab. The patrol would keep the undesirables, like the owners away. Another distraction was in the works to draw their attention away from the shop. The strange thing is she was to leave the locket as a calling card.

Ooc more to come..

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