February 15th, Early Evening - the Rose - outside the Cerulean Spindle

Agnes sat outside the Cerulean Spindle, of the little tinker’s shop that was probably one of the fencing operations in the Rose. She sat with a basket of apples, acting like a widow woman down on her luck. Across the street sat the Brass Donkek, a rough and tumble working man’s bar, It was a combination bar and whorehouse that provided security for the Spindle. Earlier she had dropped her apples and spent some time picking them up from the rough street. She had planted three sets of small charges, glass vials. She had been asked to harass the Elesian Soldures in a way that would cause some unrest in the Rose. Knocking over one of the merchans was the perfect solution, she had thought it was her idea but it had come through her tutor. The location was her idea.

Agnes had a love hate relationship with Spindle. They were a place you could move items of questionable ownership with out much trouble. The problem is what they offered about wanted to make a person get an honest job. The struggle for Agnes was that she was raised in a family of hustlers and cheats. She didn’t know anything different.

As she sat, her cat showed up. He could find her anywhere in the Rose. He placed himself infront of the basket in her lap. He closed his eyes and let out a heavy purr. You could hear the diction change as the Elesian Guards approached. Mother’s called their children in widows were shuttered and doors latched. Men moved further into the alleys. Ladies of the evening moved on from possible johns. A few without a place to belong stayed on the street, like Agnes.

As the Elesian soldier’s approached her cat moved from her lap. She could here the drumming of the gears and pistons as it walked. The Sargent gave orders and the officer in the squad tried to look tough and approachable at the same time.

As the patrol reached the shop, Agnes looked down to trying not draw attention. From the windows across the street, eyes peered out. As the squad passed, the Mechan stepped on the explosives setting off the chain of events.

As the explosion went off the Mechan had just started to lift it’s leg close to the Spindle in the air. The contact of the explosion was not positioned just right under the foot. Rock and dirt went flying. The windows and the patrons behind them were splattered with flying glass and rock drawing blood. The next thing Agnes noticed was the Mechan had leaped up into the air, not by choice. The laws of inertia were well at work, the blast caused a moment of inertia to form around the center of gravity. The leg lift caused a second, but smaller moment which slowed the rotation down.

The crash came next as the Mechan fell rupturing the shop.

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