Dark Awakenings

16th February - Dawn

Dawn beneath the Maelstrom was not a thing to stir the soul. A subtle shifting from pitch black to dreary grey and a new day had begun. Still the incremental brightness of a new day was enough to rouse the denizens beneath to face the next instalment of their grim reality.

The Black Gallows

Westley opened his eyes with a gasp. Cold water dripped from his nose and eyelids and his hair was sodden. He shivered as the liquid seeped into his once white shirt and trickled down his back.

"Good morning Mr Corbet." Edward stood over him, bucket in hand, and behind him a huge mechan loomed, eyes glowing green with an inner light. He tried to scramble back from the thing, but he was tied fast to his chair. He had heard of the Elesians and their mechanical monsters while in the clinic but did not really believe it. Snatches of memory came back to him from his time wandering the streets, drugged and delirious. He had seen them then too, but thought them a part of his delusions. Everything was so confused.

"Do not worry Westley, Mr Herman here will only hurt you if I ask him to." The mechans eyes seemed to blaze hungrily in response to those words and Edward laughed as he saw the fear and doubt rising in Westleys eyes.

"We need to have a long talk you and I." Edward started to say but Westley cut him short,

"I confess, you miserable bastard, there is no need for your torture, I gave aid to the Red Crew and... and" Westley frowned at the memory, he had given them information, worked with their leaders...he remembered it and it had been right! But the details, the details escaped him like whisps of smoke.

Instead of looking triumphant Edward simply looked irritated. "Yes yes, your guilt it beyond doubt Mr Corbet, you will no doubt be executed for your crime." He almost sounded bored as he delivered the verdict, what was going on here?

"Then what is it? what do you want Spider."

"What I want my dear boy is you out of the picture, out of Stellas head once and for all."

"Then just kill me because that's the only way you are having her to yourself."

Westley did not see the back handed slap coming but he felt it. Looking up he spat blood towards the High Inquisitor.

"Let me be clear Mr Corbet I ask this for her benefit not mine. Stella now rules this City in all but name and her mind must be clear. Your trial and death however, would not be conducive to this end. As to my... aspirations? Just as your own they pale in comparison to the true prize. Stella must rule, and she must do so without distraction or dilemma."

"So what is you scheme Edward. What unholy shit show do you have planned?"

"I am glad you asked Mr Corbet, because you are not going to like the answer."

The Gutter

The man who had been Maynard woke with a gasp.

"I can't see."

"Do not worry," a voice came from the darkness, "Your vision will return in time."

"The attack?..."

"Failed." came the reply, "The Elesians were warned. The Nexus is closed."

"And my...brother?"

"Now sits in the Peoples Palace."

"Good... that is good."

"We will see... he is proving, difficult."

"I will speak to him."

"Yes... perhaps in time."

"Why cant I move?"

"Calm yourself my son, you were badly injured when your ship fell. These past four months we have worked to restore you."

"F...four months. Gods no.. the city."

"The Elesians were driven out to Graymire for the most part. Several hundred remain in the City, they patrol the streets under the direction of Edward Hanton."

"That bastard Spider is still alive?"

"For now my son. For now."

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