On the run

February 16th, Early morning - the Rose -

The Mechan had toppled into the building though Agnes had not taken into account the forward momentum and the Mechan toppled and turned towards the entrance of the building. As it fell the eyes glowed in almost anger. It smashed through the roof and rafters like a hot knife slicing butter. Commands were shouted by the guard and a few moments later by the working men coming out of the bar. There was enough commotion that the cat darted for the opening of the building. Agnes yelped, jumping up she toppled the apples and chased after the cat. She had managed to enter the building then headed for the release for the back room, entering it and claiming her tools. She also grabbed a couple other small Mechans some money and stuffed them in her bag.

A young Elesian office had been holding the cat when she came out of the room. She had managed to steal his wallet and side arm. But the cat was helping him chase her through the Rose.

Elesian soldiers put to the task of recovering the Mechan. Before the new Queen’s forces took to the task of defeating the last of the forces that were topside.

Agnes hid in a back alley waiting.

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