Deep Freedom

Fiasco was able to communicate that he needed to find his friends. The beings around him let him go, but he was left on his own.
The labyrinth around him gave him trouble, though there was a part of it that felt... familiar. He felt a calm around him that he had never felt above ground, almost like a protective hug.
He didn't remember having too many hugs.
As he navigated his way, he began to feel a pain in his side, a pain that steadily grew.
His breath grew ragged, something in the air he guessed, his mask must be broken.
Figuring it pointless to keep it on, he removed the breathing apparatus. Taking a moment to remember how to breathe, a ragged gasp went into the void. He was grateful that his throat had healed well enough to allow air through the hole in it.
He unconsciously reached to feel what was his face. Most of his skin and muscle had grown back, though it looked and felt like raw meat. Bone appeared at his right cheek, leading to uncover his teeth.
He had always hid his face, but down here there was no one to care.
He leaned on the cave wall for a moment to enjoy the sense of freedom before another pain tore through his side. Taking it as a sign, he continued his search, the caverns now echoing with wheezing gasps.

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