A queen without a queen-dom

16th February morning - Upper Delve

Abigail was pleased Serenity had agreed to help her and that she'd woudln't have to force her somehow. Serenity was strong minded and Abigail had noticed it become harder and harder to hide the truth from her. Abigail had many convinced she was a queen, bordering on a goddess, but the hold she had on others was slipping. She wanted to be angry at the reason, but she couldn't. Not at her own child.

She massaged the small bump in her belly and smiled. She was sure it was a girl, someone just like her, causing trouble already. Abigail had had horrible morning sickness the last week and she'd felt her strength failing with every passing day. She needed respite, real nutrition, but preferably both.

Time to count her treasure horde. That always took her mind off of things. She barked out for one of her men to come in and bring her the chest. He entered and came in carrying a chest, locked up tighter than a drum. Three different locks were opened and he was sent off. She crept up to the chest and lifted the lid. It was nearly empty. Within, only three, small, round spheres wrapped in tissue. She picked up one and unwrapped it... an apple.

Without her 'treasure' she knew she'd get even more ill and lose her grasp on things. She savored every bit of it and then locked it up again, calling to her man to take it away. She needed it out of arm's reach or she'd devour them all. She couldn't have that though or her seed would have nothing and she'd slip into withdrawal from food deficiency once again. The last time was where her child had come from.

She'd been faltering those first days after the 'event'. She had been on her own mostly, as had everyone else, and no one to stand beside her to do her bidding at a moment's notice. She'd needed an ally and HE had been the first she could find. It'd come at a price and once she didn't regret paying, for she'd always wanted to be a mother, but not like this. He was old enough to be her father but had played his part and thankfully, he was hooked. She didn't even know who he really was when it had all transpired. He was just one of the few in those first days who somehow had a safe place to be and food within.

Pillagers and thieves had raided and killed many in those first days until a semblance of law returned. He had saved her and for that she'd opened herself to him. She was just grateful now that he wasn't just some vagabond how happened upon a trove of food. He was a man of means who would be by her side as they rose to power... together... once again.

There was a knock and her door opened. She knew at once, without needing to use her powers to tell who it was. Only one person dared enter without waiting for permission and he only knocked to make sure she was decent.

"Hello my love, I've brought you something special," he said.

Thank the blue sky that shone somewhere beyond all the darkness!

Abigail ran to him and opened the crate her had brought in. There was a potato, two small carrots, and an orange. "An orange?! Wherever did you find this?"

"Never you mind my dear, its for you and the baby, is all you need know," he said and hugged her affectionately. "I love you both so much."

"I love you to... Josiah," Abigail whispered.

Tonight they'd feast and she'd thank him properly for it.

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