No Where

Fitz wiped the stream of sweat covering his forehead and adjusted his goggles. These tunnels were all the same, nothing notable to guide them.
"Fitz....How far till we have dinner.."
"Not far friend. Not far."
Tezla had continued to break down, stray sparks adding to the growing symptoms. The coughs had gotten worse as well, each fit leaving the man gasping for breath.
Setting his friend down, Fitz began laughing at the growing futility of this.
"What...What is the matter-"
Tezla nearly fell to the ground, blood splattering on the floor.
"Nothing is the matter, we just seem to be lost."
As the two rested, they began hearing sounds coming their way. Not trusting anything down here, Tezla tried to stand in order to use his thaumaturgy.
"No Tezla! Your spires are damaged and you are far too weak to handle an uncontrolled bolt."
Giving a hoarse mixture of laughing and coughing, Tezla smiled as best as he could.
"Now now.... You don't know that. It give it more...juice."
Fumbling to start one of the miniature generators, Tezla found that they had all been broken. Cursing at the ever nearing threat, he looked at the wall and gasped. Scraping at the dirt and rock, he found several shards of flagesium, which he promptly fished out and put into his power chamber.
"Now we can....get cooking."
Just as he started powering up, Fitz stopped him and pointed towards the source of the noise, finally coming into view.
"Stop!! It's Fiasco!"
Tezla couldn't believe his eyes as his partner and friend stumbled closer, hugging the wall almost as badly as he did.
" look great buddy."
The scarred flesh pulled into a grin, Fiasco giving a weak punch before collapsing.
Fitz turned him onto his back, flinching at the forgotten memory.
"By the storm, it truly was a miracle he survived this long, but I think his luck has run out."
Slumping next to Fiasco, Tezla laid a hand on his head.
"I...I always...thought you'd be more...of a ladies man."
Both knew they were too injured to last long, but they began laughing. Horrible laughter that hid the pain they were in. As it died down, Fiasco began flashing hand gestures at Tezla.
"He...says there are...others down here. Go. Fitz, go."
Marveling at the connection the two had, he joined Tezla on the cave wall and breathed a long sigh.
"Whatevers down here will probably kill me. I'm better off staying here with you."

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