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A Not So Safe Haven

16th February - The Delve - Evening

Josiah stood at the very lip of the Maw. Staring down into the depths. He wondered what the hell was happening down there. Ever since the accident all those months ago the mining rigs had stopped returning with their loads. Any of the great spider like machines that were sent in simply vanished, never to return. They had even sent down a crew to investigate and after an hour the basket had been drawn up empty with no sign of its seven passengers. Something was seriously wrong.

He curled his mechanical right hand into a fist. The Delve Hound had taken the real one just above the wrist ending his boxing days in one swift bite. His body was still covered in the scars inflicted by tooth and nail. If not for Abigail rousing and calling off the beast he would have been torn to shreds that day. As it was the creature now walked at his side, a faithful pet and a gift from Abigail.

He shook his head as he considered the woman. At first she had bewitched him like she did most of the denizens of this cursed place. He had fawned over her like she were some sort of queen of the deep. Then slowly she had released her grip on him and something close to affection had grown between them.

Josiah knew power when he saw it, and he also knew how to pick the winning side. Or at least he aspired to it. Abigail was the power now in the Delve and he had bound himself to her willingly. What was more she now carried his child and he would kill... or perhaps even die to keep that child safe. perhaps.

The problem he now faced was that Abigail was weakening. The medication created by that bastard Mortimer has run out weeks ago and without it she was becoming unreasonable, erratic. Her hold on the prisoners was starting to slip. They were also trapped. Outside of the Delve a horde of Elesians lay in wait. He needed to get her and child out and back to Dusk and from there... well from there they would see.

"Sir." a prisoner interrupted his thoughts. Josiah turned to see several burly goon dragging along a wiry looking fellow in an Elesian uniform.

"Who is this?" he demanded.

"Elesian spy, we caught him snooping around one of the tunnels."

Josaih walked up to stand next to the man and the prisoners pushed him down to his knees.

"Please I..." the man stammered and Josiah backhanded him across the mouth with that mechanical hand of his.

"How did you get down here?" he demanded.

"There are tunnels." the man said, "We were..."

Josiah turned away, losing interest in what the man had to say, "Take him to Abigail."

"The queen sir?"

Josiah sighed, "Yes the queen." honestly he did not know what she insisted on that charade, maintaining it seemed to be sapping her of all energy, why make them love and adore here where she could just threaten to turn their brains to much and get the same results. A cynical voice at the back of his mind reminded him that, that was exactly the kind of thinking that got him sent to this gods forsaken hole in the first place.

Soon the Elesians would lose patience and attempt to force their way in again, and this time they would not have the strength to push them back. Abigail was losing her hold, and the men and women down here were sick and starving. They had been forced to put many of the Delve Hounds down and some had broken free and gone feral, hunting the dark caverns in packs.

The Delve was no longer a refuge, they had to get out!

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