I spy with my little eye

16th February - The Delve - Late Evening

Abigail felt weaker by the day. It took everything she had in every instance to maintain her composure around her slaves. She'd let things slip a time or by mistake and had to melt more than one mind to keep her secret safe. She'd hoped Serenity would prove useful, but in the meantime, she needed a respite from all this. She'd given specific instructions to not be bothered, so when there was a knock on her door, she thought she'd lose total control.

"Sorry, my queen, but Lord Josiah said we should bring this prisoner to you. He's an Elesian spy we captured in the tunnels," a nameless minion offered humbly. She cast him off with a flick of her wrist and the man was dropped on her floor. At least she could have some fun if she wasn't going to rest.

He started to speak, but she silenced him. It took a lot out of her to control him, being an Elesian and strong willed, but the satisfaction she'd find in it would be worth it. She began down her usual path of scavenging his mind for the weak points - which she'd monopolize on - and then she'd excite him by rubbing his shoulders and caressing his face as she sapped all the will out of him.

It was a routine she'd followed many times before and could do it mechanically at this point. She barely heard the knock on the door, nor Josiah ask if he could come in. If she didn't answer, he usually figured she was sleeping, gone, or it was okay so he came right in. Seeing the movement by the doorway, she looked up from her 'toy' and smiled at her lover. "Hello my dear. Thank you for sending this spy to me, we're having a lot of fun."

"Abigail!" he screamed slamming the door shut quickly behind him. His look of terror confused her.

"What's wrong, Josiah, my love," Abigail asked perplexed.

"Abigail! What have you done to this man?" Josiah asked, looking appalled.

"Whatever do you mean? We were just playing... like I have so many other times...," she said and looked down at the man, her vision clearing. And that's when she saw the reason for Josiah ghastly expression.

Abigail first saw her hands... covered in blood. But not just blood... bits of something else. Then she licked her lips and tasted copper... and something else unfamiliar.

She looked down farther and saw a mass of hair, blood, and brain matter. The realization struck her like a lightning bolt. She didn't shrink back in disgust or horror at what she'd done though. She delicately reached into the man's skull and pulled out the last bit of brain matter and placed it in her mouth, like she was savoring an exquisite candy. She looked up at Josiah, pleading in her eyes. "That was yummy, darling. Can you get me some more? It's helping me feel much better."

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