Leaving in the Night

Graymire - 16th February - Evening

They were gathered in the hallway of the Rovers Guild. Gill, Connor and Emily. Tate Montclaire had come down to see them off. Emily was still too sick to be moved, even after all this time the best the Rovers seemed able to do was make her comfortable and wait for the inevitable end. Tate was a broken man, having accepted her imminent death.

"If you find any sign of Serenity." He faltered and looked away.

"If we find her we will bring her out." Emma assured the young man, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I am sorry... I...I can't leave her, not now."

"You do what you must." Emma replied, "It is all any of us can do."

Making their way outside they noticed that the streets were strangely empty. As in answer to the unspoken question Gill said,

"They will attack the Delve tonight, the Elesians. They will not succeed but it will distract the white witch and allow us to enter the Deep."

Connor and Emma glanced down at the kid and exchanged a worried glance. Emma pursed her lips,

"I do not suppose it is worth me asking how you know this, or who on earth the white witch is?"

"No.." Gills voice was distracted, "Probably not. Follow me."

And then they were moving. Through the empty streets towards the outer wall. Coming to a sentry post manned with Dusk regulars Gill pointed at on of the men. A skinny guy with a ratty face. Seeing Gill the man turned white and began to look around as if considering running away.

"Connor pay him, he wil let us through." Gill ordered and shaking his head Connor strode up to the soldier and asked outright.

"Kid says to pay you to let us through. How much.?"

"F..fifty," he glanced at Gill and swallowed, "I mean forty Crescents."

Connor paid the man and slapped him on the shoulder, "I know how you feel my friend."

The soldiers opened up the gates and they were through into the Ashen territories. Gill made a straight line for the nearest group of structures and as they grew closer Ashen sentries began to peel away from the shadows and fall into step alongside them. By the time they arrived they were surrounded by at least twenty of the stoic warriors.

They came to a halt before a large canvas tent. A fire was burning nearby cast strange shadows that danced accross the earth and over the tent walls. The Ashen stood their silence, waiting.

"What now?" Connor aksed.

Gill looked up at him and the firleight flickered in his eyes. "You need to go inside and meet with the elder, you must convince him to help us, to show us the way into the Delve."

"And if I can not convince him?" Connor asked.

"That would be bad." Gill mused and Emma laughed despite herself.

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